Patriot Guard Riders (PGR)

Listed below is the Patriot Guard Riders of Utah state leadership. They are just a small number of the PGR membership. The membership is the key to what we do as an organization. As the leadership says, "Without the Patriot Guard members, none of this is possible."



--State Captain--

Dave Richardson


--Assistant State Captain over Ride Captains--

Gary "Brother Barton" Barton


--State Ride Captain Coordinator--



--Assistant State Captain over Membership--

Greg "Hammer" Childs


--State Safety Coordinator--

Keith Bennett


--State HOTH Coordinator--

Shiree Anderson


--Assistant State HOTH Coordinators--

Reed "Magilla" Newman

Dena "Froggy" Richardson


--State Secretary--

Chris Smith


--State Eastern Region--

Cindy Bryson


--State Southern Region--

Kent Hardman